The Marque Sports Car Association of S.A. (MSCASA) has introduced a new motorsport segment called the ‘Come and Try’. The aim of this small program is that anyone who has any interest in motorsport, but has no or very little experience, is able to take their road car onto the track where they will be accompanied by an experienced driver who will teach the necessities of motor racing and help instil driver confidence on the track in the individuals own car. You, the novice driver, is basically in a personal group alongside the regular Supersprint Groups and have 4-5 stints during the day (two with your instructor and two-three solo.
The Come and Try is held only on designated Supersprints days (keep track by checking the MSCASA Facebook Page and MSCASA Calendar for when one is held). More info and entry forms/scrutineering forms can be found here.
MX-5’s can be completely standard for this event, however, anyone with an NA/NB requires a roll bar. NC and ND owners do not require an after-market roll bar.

For any more info, contact the Sporting Secretary