Traffic conditions, traffic control measures and driver driving styles can result in increased separations between cars ahead in the convoy.  Catching up may require a speed that exceeds the road speed limit and/or create the mistaken impression that the convoy leader is being overly enthusiastic and ignoring road rules when the cause is simply the common ‘accordion’ effect of traffic flow.  Hence the Committee judged the following should be announced at all Run Briefs.

Leaders briefing for Drivers before all Runs:

  • Some members enjoy a spirited drive. However, there is no compulsion to exceed the speed limit or to drive beyond your personal limitations.  Consult with the convoy leader and decide where in the convoy line might best suit you.
  • If you ‘don’t have a CB radio, ensure you have the lead or the tail-end-Charlie’s mobile number.
  • If you fall behind and lose sight of all cars in the convoy, either continue at your pace independently or head directly to the next way-point or destination.
  • But if you do fall behind the convoy and other cars are banking behind, pull over, give a ‘thumbs-up’ that you are OK, and allow the others to pass, then re-join the convoy in front of the tail-end-Charlie. Advise your tail-end-Charlie if practicable.
  • If you feel troubled by any convoy conduct, rather than stew over it, discuss it with your convoy leader on the day or a club committee member anytime.
  • Enjoy the drive.

Prepared by:  Des Long
8 Aug 20
0400 471 900