Chequered-Flag-animsmlOutline of Flag Marshal Duties – Mallala Motor Sport Park


There are many different jobs track-side.  Some of these are:

  • Flag Marshal; Pit Gate Control; Clerk of the Course; Starter; Scrutineer; Timing; Form-up Control;  CAMS Steward; and Track Radio

Currently, the Marque Sports Car Association of SA (MSCSA) asks us to only provide volunteers in the role of flag marshal.  If you are keen for experience in other roles, you will need to make further enquires yourself.

A Flag Marshal’s job is to inform oncoming traffic of a key event.  Flag marshals generally look forward to signal incidents that occur past their point so that cars approaching their signal point are aware of what is ahead of them.  They also look backward toward oncoming traffic to signal that a car is about to make a passing move on another.  Flag points are located safely and strategically as it is recognised that anything can occur during an event.

In super sprints there is no passing on corners and this rule eliminates possible complications.

Generally, the track opens at 7:30 am to enable officials to set up and prepare for paper work, deployment of equipment and preparation for scruitineering.

At 8:00 am the flag marshals are briefed regarding use of flags and who will man which flag point.  You will only have a few flags to notify drivers of key events:

  • Blue – Warn that a car is about to execute a passing manoeuvre,
  • Yellow – Warn that caution is required, i.e. partial track blockage or that oil Is on the track,
  • Green  – Advise the driver that racing may resume,
  • Black – Notify that a particular driver must return to the pits, and
  • Red – Direct that the race is to stop immediately

The briefing also includes basics such as:

  • do not panic and do not place yourself in danger,
  • keep alert and remember the meaning of each flag,
  • speak clearly on the radio when reporting exactly what you see to race control, and
  • if there is an incident or if a driver stops near your post – ask what has happened and if help is required radio through to race control.

Scrutineering of cars occurs between 8:15 am to 8:45 am.  Then flag marshals will be deployed and must be in position before the cars get onto the track.

From 9:15 am there will be a short practice session for invited drivers who have a specific need to establish a lap time, such as a new driver, drivers with a new engine or new brakes or some other special need.

The first session of timed competition commences at 10:15 am. There could be up to six separate groups of cars grouped in similar lap times to avoid huge speed differential on track as this is not open circuit racing.  There will be a second session before the lunch break.

After lunch flag marshals must return to their flag points for the remaining two sessions to complete the days competition.

We hope that this provides a view of what to expect on this busy day, so that you can plan your day. If you have not done this type of job before, you are in for a great time as you will be very close to the action and you can learn a lot about car control just from observation and you will gain new respect for the abilities of our competition club members.  If it inspires you to think about having a go one day then so much the better, there are members who can support you if you want any advice.

Congratulations, the day cannot proceed without your help and that is much appreciated.