Hillclimb racing is one of the most popular forms of motor sport.  Hillclimb events are held regularly throughout the year at Collingrove – located on Hillclimb Road, Mount McKenzie – approximately 98km northeast of Adelaide, which is about 1.5 hours drive.  See venue map

Other events are:

  • Southern Districts Car Club
    • held annually in April and known as the “Mt Alma Mile”, which is located at Mt Alma on a winding stretch of road in the Inman Valley between Yankalilla Victor Harbor, about 85km southwest of Adelaide and about 1.5 hours driving.
  • South Eastern Automobile Club of SA
    • held annually in November and known as “The Legend of the Lakes” and located at Mount Gambier, which is about 345km south east of Adelaide and about 4.5 hours drive.

Entrants compete against the clock on either a closed section of road or on a dedicated track. As the name “Hillclimb” implies, the finish line is generally higher than the start line. This event is usually conducted over relatively short distances, but some locations offer longer tracks. Currently, the Mount Alma Mile is the longest in the state and is quite a bit faster than the track at Collingrove. The Collingrove track is 685 metres of challenging asphalt, climbing nearly 70 metres from the start to the finish, with dips, curves and undulations to test the car and the driver.  It is only 3.3 metres wide.  See site map

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Below on related web sites you will find information on volunteering, the current calendar of events, forms, event reports and race results.  Please contact the Sporting Secretary  if you are interested in being involved.

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Volunteers are welcome for these events in the role of flag marshal.  Please contact the Sporting Secretary Motor Sport Manager for further information if you are able to assist in any way.


Entry is to be undertaken via Motorsport Australia Event Entry