What is Club (Historic) Registration and is my MX-5 Eligible? MX-5 NA

The scheme, known as “Club Registration” will allow the owner of a 25+ year-old vehicle (as of 1/7/2022) to obtain discounted registration with the only major constraints being the need to fill out a log book for each journey and a limitation of 90 days on the road in any one registration year.  The owner must also be (and continue to be) a financial member of an approved Club.  There is no longer any requirement for vehicles to be individually inspected and legal modifications are acceptable. (See the SA Government web page for more information.)

 Applications for club registration and the issue of logbooks will be made through the Club’s Authorised Person(s) but the vehicle owner will be responsible for the vehicle being roadworthy, legally modified (if applicable) and eligible for Club Registration.

The Mazda MX-5 Club of South Australia has been approved as a Recognised Club for the purposes of this scheme and now offers this service to members who own complying MX-5s.

Q. Do I have to be a member of the MX-5 Club of SA to apply?
A. You must be a member of a Recognised Club. We offer the best services for MX-5 owners and you can learn about us and membership information at our Club Website

Q. When will my car be eligible?
A. A motor vehicle is a historic vehicle, if 25 years or more have elapsed since 1st January of the year in which the vehicle was manufactured. If your vehicle was manufactured at any time during 1998, then it becomes eligible on 1 January 2023.

Q. What is the cost of Club Registration?
A. Go to this link:  Calculate the Registration fee and follow down to the ‘fees’ link under the ‘Lodge the Forms’ heading.

Q. Who can drive my Club Registered car?
A. Any licenced driver

Q. Where can I get more detailed information?
A. Go to this link to view the Club-Registration-Code-of-Practice

Q. How will Club Registration be managed within the MX-5 Club of SA?
A. There is a guide for new members to explain the whole process. This will be made available to any interested members.

Q. The car is eligible and you want to proceed. How to apply?
A. Contact the Club Historic Car Registration Member, the club’s “Authorised Person”.

Club’s Authorised Person:  Email at clubrego@mx5-sa.com.au 

The mechanics of the Club Historic Approval Scheme

The Government of South Australia, through the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, operates a conditional registration scheme for vehicles which are 25+ years old and are owned by members of motoring clubs.  Vehicles registered under this scheme are not for everyday use.  Usage must be recorded in an approved logbook.  In recognition of the vehicle’s limited use, being a maximum of 90 days per registration year, fees are substantially reduced.

This introduction gives potential participants a general overview of the elements of the scheme but must be considered in conjunction with the full conditions which are given in the Club-Registration-Code-of-Practice  Car owners who wish to use or fully understand the Club Registration scheme should download a copy of this code for their reference

The Mazda MX-5 Club of SA Inc. has been approved as a Recognised Motor Vehicle Club and Committee Members have been appointed as Authorised Persons for the purposes of this scheme.  This means that the Club assists the Registrar by:

  • ensuring, so far as is reasonably practicable, that club members with conditionally registered vehicles abide by the conditions detailed in the Code.
  • maintaining records of all MR334 Scheme application forms issued by the club and all financial members and their conditionally registered Scheme vehicles
  • within two months of the end of the club’s financial year, providing an annual report to the Registrar detailing members, with Scheme registered vehicles, who are no longer financial members of the club
  • inspecting members’ vehicles when requested to do so by the Registrar
  • taking all appropriate measures in the issue, management and record keeping requirements for Scheme log books ….and various other conditions as specified in the Code of Practice.

The Club will solely facilitate Club Registration for Mazda MX-5s.  Club Members who own other types of historic vehicles will need to access appropriate Club Registration through membership of another car club.

Current Financial Members of the Mazda MX-5 Club of SA who are the owners of MX-5s which comply with the requirements, may apply to the Club to seek entry to the Scheme.

As an initial step, email the Club’s Authorised Person at clubrego@mx5-sa.com.au

New applications for Club Registration through the Club’s Authorised Persons will take place in one of two ways:

  • Face to face, at a time and place arranged with the Authorised Person.  Availability of this service will vary, according to demand.  From time to time the Club may advertise times and venues where this service will be available.
  • By mail.  Contact your Authorised Person for details.

The designated Club registration form (MR334 Scheme application form) is available from the Club’s Authorised Person and must be completed by both the vehicle’s owner and the Club’s Authorised Person for the nominated vehicle.

The following is a guide to each process required and the recommended order of steps for obtaining Club Registration for the first time.

This is a summary of information extracted from the Club Registration Code of Practice which should be consulted to obtain the full details.

Definitions of words used in this guide

“Authorised Person” is the person appointed by the Club and approved by the Registrar to approve Club Registration documents.

“Car” is the Mazda MX-5 which is 25+ years old and currently registered in South Australia

“Club” is the Mazda MX-5 Club of South Australia Incorporated

“Club Registration” is the scheme under which a 25+ year old car is concessionally registered in South Australia

“Code of Practice” is the document available from the Registrar, presenting the complete conditions for the Club Registration scheme.

“Logbook” is the approved Logbook issued by the Club to the Owner for the designated Car

“Owner(s)” is the person(s) to whom the Car is registered

“Registrar” is the Registrar of Motor Vehicles and associated Service SA representatives

The process for obtaining a Car’s Club Registration for the first time

  1. The Owner(s) ensures that the Car is roadworthy and that any modifications are legal and do not prohibit registration in South Australia.  The Club plays no part in this and the Owner carries full responsibility.
  2. The Owner views the Club-Registration-Code-of-Practice and ensures that the Car satisfies the criteria for Club Registration.  The Owner also ensures that the Car is currently registered in South Australia or arranges normal registration if required.  A registration certificate is required to be viewed by the Club’s Authorised Person as proof of ownership.
  3. The Owner is already or becomes a financial member of the Club.  If the Car is jointly owned, both Owners must be Club members.  Full membership of the Club covers 1 person.  Membership Information  The Club’s membership officer will confirm the membership status of the Owner before the application proceeds.  
  4. The Owner applies to the Club’s Authorised Person email for Club Registration at clubrego@mx5-sa.com.au.  They will co-ordinate a time and place for a meeting to complete the paperwork or explain how to proceed by posting documentation.
  5. The Owner, in collaboration with the Authorised Person, completes an MR334 form (Approval for Club Registration) which will be supplied by the Authorised Person.  The Owner must present a current Driver’s Licence and current Registration Certificate for the Car (or copies if executing by mail) to verify the necessary details.  An inspection of the Car is not normally necessary but may be requested by the Registrar.
  6. The Owner presents the original copy of the MR334 form at a Service SA centre for payment and processing.  Club Registration can be purchased for a period of 1, 2, or 3 years.  Owners can apply at this time for an endorsement of the Certificate of Registration which allows journeys of <500metres for relocating a vehicle, to be exempt from logbook entries.  The Car is now conditionally registered but MUST NOT be driven until a Logbook is issued.
  7. The Owner shows the Club Registration Certificate and current Driver’s Licence (or copies if executing by mail) to the Authorised Person, pays the $10 logbook fee and collaborates with the Authorised Person to complete the details of Car and Owner in the approved Logbook, which then is retained by the Owner.
  8. The Car can now be driven under the conditions of the Code of Practice.  Owners must retain a copy of the Code for reference.  For your convenience an extract of the section of the Code covering Duties of Vehicle Owners appears on the following pages.  The Club is obliged to notify the Registrar if non-compliance with the Code is observed.

Ongoing Requirements

Please make yourself familiar with the following points which affect your ongoing Club Registration.

  • The Owner must maintain Club membership for the period of Club Registration.  If at any time the Owner becomes unfinancial, the Logbook must be returned to the Authorised Person for cancellation.  This could be due to resignation from the Club, moving to an alternative club or simply neglecting to pay membership fees when due.  The Club is obligated to notify the Registrar of any members with Club Registration who become unfinancial.
  • Membership is required to be recorded in the Logbook.  Your initial period will extend from the date that you receive the Logbook until 30th June of that membership year and then an additional 2 consecutive full membership years.  To maintain your Club Registration, you should pay for your next year’s period of membership before it expires on that date.
  • The Owner should ensure that the period of Registration is updated in the Logbook whenever it is renewed If not originally taken out for 3 years.
  • A Logbook contains sufficient pages for 3 years use, after which a new one can be obtained for a fee of $10 from the Club’s Authorised Person.  Current Registration and Licence should be presented for checking.


Logbook entries cover 1 journey per line.  This must be filled out and signed before commencing the journey.  A journey may consist of several trips providing they are all on the same date.  The available space means that entries can only be brief but should represent the journey accurately.


1/1/23 Home to Mannum and return via Mt Torrens Freddo Corleone
7/4/23 MX5 Club Event Kangaroo Island touring Freddo Corleone
8/4/23 MX5 Club Event Kangaroo Island touring Freddo Corleone
27/5/23 Home to Adelaide city, eastern suburbs and return Freddo Corleone

Extract from Code of Practice for Club Registration

Conditions of Use of Scheme Vehicles – Duties of Vehicle Owners

3.5 In accordance with the Regulations and this Code, the owners of vehicles must abide by the following conditions when operating Scheme registered vehicles. They must:

  • maintain a financial membership of a recognised motor vehicle club at all times;
  • not drive their conditionally registered vehicle on a road or road related area more than 90 days in each period of 12 months registration;
  • not drive their conditionally registered vehicle on a road or road related area unless they have completed the nominated journey in the log book (the log book must be in the format approved by the Registrar for the Scheme) prior to commencement of the journey;
  • carry the conditionally registered vehicle’s log book in the vehicle while driving on a road or road related area and produce the log book for inspection on request made by a police officer or authorised officer under the Act;
  • not drive, or allow anyone else to drive, the conditionally registered vehicle on the road for fee, hire or reward;
  • not drive the conditionally registered vehicle on a road or road related area if it does not comply with this Code;
  • not have more than one current log book for any vehicle;
  • while driving on the road or road related area, carry the appropriate vehicle exemption documentation that permits the registration and use of a historic (where applicable), left hand drive or street rod vehicle on roadways;
  • present their vehicle/s for an inspection upon the request of the club or the Registrar;
  • cancel the conditional registration of the vehicle when a change of ownership of a conditionally registered vehicle occurs or when they are no longer a financial member of a club. The log book issued for the vehicles must be returned to the issuing club for cancellation.


Last updated 28 February 2024