The prestigious award of Life Membership acknowledges the discernible impact, commitment, effort and time that a Club member has made to the Club and provides them with free lifetime club membership, a framed Honorary Life Member certificate, a silver Life Member badge and citation on the Club website Life Member Honour Roll.

The Club Committee has agreed the Honorary Life Member Criteria  that you will find in the Nomination Form linked below.  These criteria highlight the importance of the nominee to be a current or past financial Club member who has given Exceptional Service to the Club.

Confidential nominations are to be made to the Club Secretary, using the Annexure A of the Honorary Life Membership Nomination Form.  A Nomination Form should be completed for an individual only and nominations close on 30 September each year.

Successful nominees will usually be announced at the end of year Christmas Luncheon.

Should you have any questions regarding the nomination process, please contact the President or Secretary.