Four separate Member of the Year Awards are presented at the Club’s Annual Christmas Party in December each year.


2014 Award Winners

Social Member of the Year

Poppy Hawkins

Sporting Member of the Year

Marque LeMaistre

New Member of the Year

Wes Burfitt

Sporting Rookie of the Year

These Awards are aimed to encourage and acknowledge individual member involvement in club activities.

Points are awarded to individual members for participation in club activities during the year, in accordance with the table below, and will accrue from December 1st to following November 30th. The final results will compiled by the Events Secretary and referred to the President of the Club for scrutiny and final endorsement.

To encourage new members’ involvement in the Club, the New Member of the Year Award will be presented to a member who joins the Club between November 1st and the following October 30th and accrues the most points during this period.

The Sporting Member of the Year will be selected on the recommendation of the Sporting Secretary.

To be eligible for points, each member’s name must be recorded on ‘sign-on’ sheets for each Run.

Points will be calculated from Points Score System as determined by the Committee

(Reviewed and updated at Committee Meeting 23 April 2013)

Organise a Club Run6 points
Attend an official Club Run3 points
Turn up at a venue but not participate in the Run1 point
Assist in running a Club event2 points
Organise a trip/weekend away8 points
Assist in organising a trip/weekend away3 points
Attend the Annual General Meeting3 points
Provide photos that are published on the web site2 points
Write an article for publication on the web site5 points
Attend the mid-year and/or the Christmas function3 points
Drive in a competition event6 points
Attend any motor sport track day as an assistant3 points
Partcipate as an MSCA assistant at a motorsport event4 Points
Attend as Pit Crew3 points
Attend a motorsport event at which a Club member is competing3 points