The NATMEET Mallala Plan….

...and What We Need To Know from you

The following is an overview of the event that we’ve planned, together with information which we hope you’ll find helpful.  We are also asking for your feedback and most importantly, answers to questions that we hope will enable us to work with you towards planning an enjoyable and successful event for all.

The Event

NatMeet 2018 will commence with a track day for Motorsport Enthusiasts.  It will be held at Mallala Motorsport Park on Sunday the 8th of April in conjunction with MSCASA’s Supersprint (Round 1).   There will be runs for two categories of MX-5s with the possibility of parade laps during the lunch break – specifically for MX-5s that are not otherwise competing on the day.

We plan to field two groups of cars:   Group 1 for faster cars and more experienced drivers and Group 2 for slower cars and less experienced drivers.   We can field up to 18 cars in each group – a total of 36 cars.    Acceptance will be in the order in which applications were received, with the possibility of latecomers being slotted into other Supersprint runs on the day if the MX5 only runs are over-subscribed.

The Venue

Mallala is a dedicated Motorsport venue that is used predominantly for club events.  It is located approximately 50kms north-west of the Barossa Valley in rural SA.  There are excellent facilities – including a food kiosk and grandstands etc. –

The track is 2.601Kms in length with 10 turns.    The lap record is 1:02.57 (set by Paul Stokell in a Reynard 90D) with most MX5s lapping between approximately 1.20 – 1.30 minutes + or -.    It is expected that participants should be able to lap no slower than 2.0 minutes.  FYI, Mallala is a tight circuit and is consequently hard on brakes.

Get a feel for it by taking a trip around Mallala with Ashleigh Willson in his NB SE Turbo.

Entries/ Eligibility

The event will be open to all financial members of CAMS. The minimum competition licence requirement is a CAMS 2S Speed Licence or Junior Speed Licence. This licence, current Club membership cards and vehicle logbooks (if issued) will be required for scrutineering.   Licensing applications should be direct to MSCASA via their website:

Entries will be opened with the publication of Supplementary Regulations for the event and will be accepted via the meecamsau online entry system fully completed and accompanied by the relevant fee from the “Bona fide owner” under the conditions of the NCR 43a and NCR 73 of the current CAMS Manual of Motor Sport. If you have not used this system before you will need to set up a profile via the CAMS website.    It is necessary for Insurance purposes that names of all of your Pit Crew be listed on your entry form.

We will advise you when Supplementary Regulations are posted for official entries to this event (early in 2018).   FYI. The MSCA have agreed to cross reference official entries with us to enable us to ensure that all NatMeet participants are included.


Timing will be by Dorian timing transponders.  If you don’t have a Dorian, we can arrange for you to rent one for the day (through MSCASA) provided that you give us plenty of prior warning.

Vehicles Eligibility/ Preparation

In the spirit of NatMeet, cars must be road registered and are to be the same cars – and tyres – that are used for social runs during the NatMeet week.   Tyres must be road legal.

The MSCA require that NA and NB MX-5s be fitted with adequate roll over protection (chrome style bars are not deemed to be adequate).  OEM roll over devices as fitted to NC and ND MX-5’s are considered to be adequate.  All cars must be fitted with approved fire extinguishers and have decals to identify the location of battery and tow points.  Approved helmets are mandatory.    Ref: MSCASA Supplementary Regulations

If you have not done so already, what we need to you to tell us:

  1. Do you wish to confirm your participation in this event             Yes      No
  2. Will you require a Dorian timing device?                                  Yes      No
  3. What group do you think suits you best?                                 Grp 1   Grp 2
  4. Are you a regular motorsport participant?                                Yes      No

Note:  If you are a regular motorsport participant, can you please provide us with 1) The track that you mostly compete at and 2) Typical lap times that you achieve at that venue.   Eg.  Mallala 1:30

The MSCA are asking us for information that we are not able to adequately answer until we receive your feedback.  We therefore ask that you answer the above questions by email at your earliest possible opportunity please.

Extra Information/ Enquires

For additional information and/ or enquiries, please contact one of the following:

Technical Enquiries – Allen Weber: Mobile 0419 809 930 email

Driving/ Track Info – Ian Duncan:  Mobile 0431 878 022  email

General Enquiries – Wes Burfitt  Mobile 0424 437 229 email