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The MX-5 Turns 30 and we are celebrating

The MX-5 was released world-wide on 10 Feb 1989.  Everyone who owns or drives an MX-5 is welcome to gather at the National Motor Museum, Birdwood, on Sunday 9th February 2019 to help celebrate this milestone.  Every MX-5 Club in Australia is planning to do the same.  All cars will be displayed on the lawn at the rear of the Motor Museum where we will have entertainment food and drinks.   Come along and check out the newly released more powerful MX-5 and see what current owners are doing with their cars.   

The MX-5 may have had to endure some uncomplimentary labels in the past but it remains the best value, most reliable and the most fun anyone could wish for in a sports car on the market today.  Come and see for yourself!  There’s more information here

MX-5 Recalls and Faults

Some interesting reading on MX-5 NC 2005-14 faults.  It is an Australian site but some of the US references are relevant to Australia.  Also, here is a general list of US recalls and maintenance that even includes the ND.  Ring any bells?  Don’t let them rattle you!    4 Jul 16

5-Star Safety Rating for MX-5 ND

Should you hit a pedestrian in your MX-5, you can feel cheered in the knowledge that the ND scores the highest crash score for pedestrian safety!

Read The Advertiser article and retain it in your wallet to console any wretched pedestrian who carelessly bounces off your bonnet at any time.

Sick of Scraping your Rims?

Check out the SmartRim wireless sensor that can be fitted to a car and detects proximity to curbs and other obstacles.

NC Trim Rattles

The hot Summer weather seems to bring out the trim squeaks and rattles and there are two in particular I have experienced in my NC:  the rattle in the (soft-top) hood catch or its moulded plastic covering and a squeak-rattle in the rear trim below the wind-breaker, around the rear speakers.  The links refer to the factory bulletins issued in the US.   Both issues can be repaired as a DIY job, as it is essentially a padding job, but the rear trim requires the removal of fair bit of the surrounding trim to get access.

Des Long, President.
22 Feb 15

Check out MX-5 Car Talk

MX-5 Car Talk is a popular ‘Twitter-style’ forum for casual exchanges of all matter of ideas with immediate interest to MX-5 drivers and owners in Australia, with State based pages and multiple threads. Check it out.

Adelaide Road Traffic Information

Want to know up to the minute Roadworks, Incidents & Planned Events in South Australia?   Check this web site then.


If you post images or video on line you might be compromising  your privacy more than you could imagine.  Check this video.   The message – use your GPS on your camera or smart-phone very cautiously.

Here’s a gem for those who work on their cars.

This web site has the Service Technical Manuals for all MX-5 models. The various chapters are in .pdf format and can be downloaded if need be.

Thanks to Tony Colhoun for spotting this site.