IMGP6967 (640x425)Regularity Relay

The annual 6hr Regularity Relay is an endurance team event promoted by the Marque Sports Car Association Inc.  This event is held at the 2.6km long circuit at Mallala Motor Sport Park – Owen Road, Mallala – approx. 70 km north of Adelaide – allow 1 hour. Venue map. (Note:  Some events are now being held at The Bend track, at Tailem Bend.

Teams consist of a minimum of 3 cars with 4 drivers and a maximum of 6 cars with 6 drivers.  Individuals not able to form a team may apply for vacancies within other teams.  Currently there is an overall maximum of 30 teams or 180 drivers.

The goal for competitors is to drive and maintain a precise time that has been nominated in advance.   Currently, the lowest lap time acceptable for this event is 1 min 18 sec and the greatest lap time is 1 min 40 sec.

Results are determined on variation from the nominated lap time.  Bonus laps are rewarded when a driver completes a lap within +0.99 seconds of the nominated lap time.  Penalty laps occur when a driver completes a lap under their nominated lap time.

Scoring is calculated by averaging the lap times nominated for a team, dividing this into the 6hr race duration and then doubling this value to arrive at “Goal Laps” for the team.  Bonus Laps are added and Penalty Laps are subtracted from the actual laps to arrive at “Achieved Laps”.  Achieved Laps is then expressed as a percentage of Goal Laps and the team with the highest percentage is the winner.

Racing can be undertaken in marque sports cars, street sedans and/or sports cars.  No open wheel cars.  Other categories of cars are at the discretion of the organisers.

There are a few constraints, such as:IMGP6993 (640x425)

  • only one driver from a team on the track at once and the current driver must wear a sash,
  • each driver must complete a minimum of 10% and no more than a maximum of 30% of the teams nominated laps,
  • no electronic radios or communications equipment being allowed in the driver’s cars – for example, one may only advise a driver of the times being achieved by using signs hung over pit wall
  • drivers must be a financial member of a car club affiliated with the MSCA
  • drivers must have a CAMS 2S licence that can be issued by MSCA or the Sporting Car Club of SA

The document entitled General Supplementary Regulations  outlines in fuller detail:

  • administration
  • the nature of the event and awards
  • entry details, composition of teams and fees
  • vehicle and driver criteria
  • scrutineering requirements & driver briefing
  • sash change over procedures
  • information night

Please contact our Motor Sport Manager if you are interested in:

  • driving – competing to win or just to practice
  • volunteering – either as pit lane crew or support crew
  • help – to put a team together