MX-5 1.8 Litre – ENTHUSIAST’S WORKSHOP MANUAL by Rod Grainger & Pete Shoemark

Review by Dennis Hawkins September 2013

This publication is a must read for those of you who are interested in how your NA/NB works, or for those who have an uncontrollable urge to pull it to bits, or those who perhaps have an urgent repair and require guidance. It was written for the home mechanic, and offers diagrams, photos and explanations that can be undertaken with basic tools and equipment.  Safe work practice is covered with cautionary notes as appropriate.

There is a section on general advice & technical specifications, another on tune-up & maintenance/servicing followed by specific sections with the concluding pages covering troubleshooting issues.

The section on gearbox is particularly interesting since not many folk seem to fettle these objects but favour purchase of a replacement in hope of a trouble free run.

The section on valve timing is unique as it is very detailed and even specifies opening and closing in degrees.

This is a very comprehensive manual well worth a look.

Miata Mazda MX5 – MAZDA’s AFFORDABLE SPORTSCAR FOR THE NEW MILLENIUM by Jack K Yamaguchi and John Dinkel

Yet to be Reviewed

Mazda Miata PERFORMANCE HANDBOOK by Norman H. Garrett III

Reviewed By Brian Styles November 2013

This text is highly recommended as a reference manual to any MX5 NA and/or Miata owner who has the urge to more thoroughly understand the marque.

Written by an engineer formerly of Mazda / Miata project gives credibility to the text. It is beautifully illustrated too.

Information is exclusive to the Series I, i.e. NA model, which is considered one of the less mechanically complicated models, and therefore able to respond to the tweaking by the more experienced professional & amateur enthusiast.

This book has a good explanation of the PPF (Powerplant frame) which ties all major drivetrain components together.  All owners should understand this major stability and anti-torsional element of the car.

This manual has an easy reading style providing qualified, informative and well documented advice on general maintenance and advanced modifications.

Any one with special needs for track or road racing and other motorsport will make frequent reference to this manual.  This manual should be readily accessible on garage and workshop shelves and should even be chained down so it stays where it should be and does not stray !


Review by Brian Styles November 2013

This book charts the Mazda Car Company from inception with initial products of 3 wheeler delivery and general work vehicles, through to various passenger vehicles for consumption by a post war population wanting to become mobile.

It describes the design process and final production of the first light weight sports vehicle, which would later be known as the World’s Favourite Sportscar.  The author provides vast detail with the assistance of the Mazda car company.  All models and variants from 1998 to 2000 i.e. Series I to Series II – NA to NB and considers the  international markets of Japan, USA, Australia, Great Britain and Europe.

High quality photographs of MX-5 prototypes and the design studios throughout the world enhance the text and provide a visual record of the process covering design, construction, marketing and variants which evolved as the MX-5 gained acceptance and popularity throughout the world.  Essentially, this book documents the production and release of each MX-5 manufactured from 1998 – 2000.

This book has limited technical merit and will appeal more to the reader who has a casual interest in the MX-5 story, rather than the technical enthusiast.