The Club motorsport program is administered under the umbrella of Marque Sports Car Association of S.A.(MSCASA).  

Our MX-5 Club motorsport team are a small group of committed, passionate MX-5 racing enthusiasts who enjoy both the camaraderie within the Club and the events on the Marque Sports Car Association (MSCASA) sporting calendar of racing (Mallala and The Bend) and the Collingrove Hillclimb circuit run by the Sporting Car Club of S.A.   Most of the events run under the Motorsport Australia rules.  

To successfully run some of these activities requires occasional assistance from other members in the Club.  Flag Marshals are the primary requirement for SuperSprint and the 6hr Regularity events (see the tabs on the top of this page).

We are always keen to have have new drivers or ‘pit-crew’ enthusiasts/interested volunteers join us, so contact our Motorsport Secretary and come along to the various events throughout the year.  If you are keen to get in to motorsport but are unsure how to prepare your MX-5, our motorsport team can certainly help you!

Go to the navigation tabs at the top of this page to discover the range of our Club motorsport activities.  And the associated administrative information for participants is on this MSCASA site.

Also look for the team on Facebook.

Our Motorsport Team