DSC05177 (1200 x 800)Manual of Motorsport

Motorsport Australia (Previously CAMS)  produce details of every aspect of the sport from administration to car construction and safety requirements. Confederation of Australian Motor Sport is vested with the authority to conduct motor sport in Australia by the Federation Internationale de L’Automobile (FIA) in accordance with its rules and regulations.  Check out the information on the Motorsport Australia web site.

General Safety Tips

The MX-5 was well designed so before you consider any modifications make real sure that you understand what you are contemplating. A previous Sporting Secretary, Dennis Hawkins, prepared some General Safety Tips following his years of motor sport experience.

IMGP4449 (800 x 533)Important Notes for MX-5 Competitors:

Roll-bars will be required for all open cars.  These need not be Motorsport Australia compliant but will be left to the discretion of race scrutineers to determine whether the roll-bar adequately provides the required protection for the driver. If you are unsure of what roll-bar is suitable, come to a Supersprint and ask current competitors who can provide you with tips and advice. This will also be included in the Supplementary Regulations.  (Note:  Members who wish to compete in motor-sport without having to fit a roll bar should try entering the Hill Climbs. (Note: Roll bars are required for State or national championship Hill climb events). It can be a good way for people to have some fun in a safe environment without the need to modify their pride and joy.

Fire Extinguishers now have a 3yr currency period from the date on the bottle;

All first-time Sprinters will need to show their current membership card and Motorsport Australia license and be wearing appropriate clothing and a compliant helmet (Note: If you have a normal road seat, a helmet is required, however if you have a racing seat, a helmet with a hand device is required).

Contact our Sporting Secretary if you need more information.