Motorkana (35)Motorkhana

Motorkhana is a low-cost form of motor-sport.  Motorkhana is defined by CAMS as being designed to test the skill and judgement of the driver and the acceleration, braking and manoeuvrability of the car.  Motorkhana events are primarily undertaken on sealed surfaces.  No straight section of any test may exceed 60m in length without a turn of at least 90 degrees. Only one automobile is allowed on each test at any one time.

Khanacross differs from Motorkhana in that the events are primarily undertaken on unsealed roads.  Also, the straight sections have a longer maximum of 100m in lieu of 60m.

In 2016 state based Motorkhana events changed venues.  They are not being held in the car-park at the Big W Distribution Centre in Monarto anymore.  They will most likely to move to Mallala.

Drivers take to the track one at a time.  Drivers need to control their car whilst maintaining speed through the tight test course. Frequently, cars are sliding or spinning to take a curve.  Vehicles rarely exceed 60km/hour however the tightness of the course means that the driver is very busy.

Drivers are given the route of several test routes upon arrival at the competition and the goal is to complete each test without error and in the fastest possible time. Currently, organisers may select from approx. 120 different pre-configured tests.

Motorkana (21)Time penalties can be incurred for mistakes, such as hitting a route flag or taking the wrong route.

Competition may use either normal street cars or modified vehicles. The wheelbase dimension of the car is used to determine which class an entrant competes under.

Please contact the Sporting Secretary Ian Duncan if you are interested in competing.

Further Reading

CAMS website documents for 2013 Motorkhana Test Booklet

2016 Calendar of Events

This information is valid as at 14 Feb 2016.  You will need to check the Motorkhana Facebook page for the latest information on event hosts and their venues.



Event Host


17th April 16

Modified Mini Car Club


29th May 16

Nissan-Datsun Car Club


14th Aug 16

Southern Districts Car Club




Event Host


SA State 25th September 2016 Autotest Panel
National TBA TBA


Entry forms and Supplementary Regs are required to be completed to enter these events.

You will need to print, complete and mail these forms.