What is a Motorkhana?

SA Motorkhana events are held typically at Mallala Motor Sport’s bitumen skid pan area.

Motorkhanas are motor sport events designed to test the acceleration, braking and handling of cars and the skill and judgment of drivers. Most importantly, motorkhanas provide fun and enjoyment whilst practising and learning car control. Oversteer and understeer will be found in abundance, but at safe speeds under controlled conditions. Motorkhana’s can have the least impact and potential for damage to your car.

A day’s event consists of a number of tests, generally selected from pre-determined layouts. Cars compete one at a time, always starting and finishing in designated “garages”. Markers are coloured stakes to indicate direction of travel, and time penalties are incurred if the markers are hit, or if an incorrect method is used.

A number of tests (see fig 1 – examples) make up the day’s competition, with winners being those drivers with the lowest total times, including any penalties. Different sizes and types of cars are separated into classes, meaning that more than one driver can go home a winner. Trophies are presented to class winners, usually at the first event of the year. At many events, novice, junior, and female drivers are encouraged to enter.

.Fig 1 - Examples of Tests

Fig 1 – Examples of Tests

Who runs Motorkhana’s in South Australia?

The SA/NT Autotest Panel are the organiser of SA Motorkhana events, and events are open to members of all Motorsport Australia affiliated clubs.

SA Motorkhana events are held on usually Sundays between February and November. Check the MX5 Club Calendar for notice of coming events.

How to get involved

Details of the event are found in the Supplementary Regulations (Supp Regs), which are made available before the event. Every competitor must read and acknowledge Supp Regs when entering an event. Entry to Motorkhana events is through Motorsport Australia Event Entry. https://www.motorsport.org.au/docs/default-source/disclaimer/online-event-entry-systems-guideline.pdf?sfvrsn=d5d41b1c_6

For competitors, the minimum requirement is a Motorsport Australia Speed Licence for entry to the Motorkhana. https://www.motorsport.org.au/licence/introduction

Apparel – drivers are not required to wear neck-to wrist clothing.

Vehicles must comply with Schedule A of the current Motorsport Australia Manual. https://www.motorsport.org.au/regulations/manual/technical-appendix

Vehicles entered in a Motorkhana do not require fire extinguishers, bonnet restraints and the like.

Vehicles are entered by class as per table 1 below. Typically, a road Registered MX-5 is in Class B.

Table 1 – Vehicle ClassesClasses
Classes   Production Wheelbases     Classes   Production Wheelbases    
A up to 2150mm E 4-wheel drive constant
B 2151mm to 2390 F Specials: Front wheel drive
C 2391mm to 2374mm G Specials: Rear wheel drive
D 2575mm and over

Where to get more information

S.A. Motorkhana |Facebook   –      https://www.facebook.com/groups/1567805613536705/about

Mazda MX-5 Sporting Member – motorsport@mx5-sa.com.au

Figure 2 Wayne Casey in action in his MX5 at Mallala. Thanks to Wayne Casey, SA Motorkhana and MSI for the photo