MX5 - Car Club South Australia

Report from Monarto Zoo Mid-week Run

Today, (Wednesday, 26th March 2014)  we were blessed with wonderful Autumn weather for the run to Monarto Zoo via morning tea at Kelsey Cottage located in Balhannah.  Morning tea consisted of delicious hot scones taken under the pergola with black-faced sheep looking on from a paddock at the rear of the venue.  A tally of 16 club members and 10 cars signed on for the run.  We must thank the wonderful staff at Kelsey Cottage who provided their usual high standard of service and product.

Fully sated we set off from Balhannah heading for Littlehampton then on to Nairne using the Old Pacific Highway (the “Old Silk Road”) through Kanmantoo up Callington Hill and on to the Zoo at Monarto.  Congratulations to Bob Willis who was the only Member who guessed what was “the Old Silk Road”.

The unsealed roadway from the Zoo entrance to the car park and administration facility was only 2.5km but it was the longest 2.5km imaginable as we dustily bumped along desperately looking for signs of civilisation until at last we came upon the car park which thankfully offered lots of wonderful shade.  A real oasis!

Some of us went to play with the meerkats and then a short walk took us to the chimpanzee enclosure where we delighted in the activities of the chimps.  One old boy was sun-baking laying on his back laughing at all the gaping humans but the prize sight was the baby playing with its mum in their little nest.  It was a very touching experience.

Most took the 12:15pm bus tour while a few stopped for lunch in the Zoo Cafe.  We were all privileged to see the exhibits but the most remarkable occurrence was provided by the giraffes.  One in particular must have been in love with the bus driver as it twice walked right over to where the bus stopped and proceeded to nuzzle the driver who was only saved by the presence of glass in the windscreen and side window.  The carnivores were magnificent as were all the other animals that we saw.

Most stayed on for coffee and a meal where some of the conversations must remain confidential.  All in all, it appeared that every one had a very enjoyable day amongst friends.

We must commend the Zoo staff and the volunteers who made us welcome and enhanced our visit through their excellent commentary and general service.

Poppy Hawkins
Club Social Secretary

And the Zoo wrote back:

Good morning Poppy,

Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback on the recent MX5 Club visit to Monarto Zoo.

We are so pleased your group enjoyed their Monarto Zoo experience and found the Zu-Loop tour commentary interesting and enjoyable.

We are indeed most fortunate to have such passionate and friendly volunteers and staff.  Your feedback will certainly make their day.

I will ensure a copy of your feedback is passed onto our staff and volunteers. Your feedback will certainly make their day.

Thank you once again for taking the time to provide feedback and look forward to welcoming you back again in the future.

Have a great day.

Kind regards,

Kerry (Bradey)
Monarto Zoo