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Report from Aviation Museum & Observation Run

On a cold and threatening morning, 19 cars and 35 people gathered at Tea Tree Plaza Park to catch up with the latest gossip and prepare for a run with a difference.

Chris and Jane Gascoigne had prepared an Observation Run to the Aviation Museum in Greenock.  As we gathered around to hear Chris’ address, we learnt that we would be dispatched in one-minute intervals with strict instructions that there would be no kicking, biting or gouging.

Some of us missed some key target observations, others made up substitute answers, and a lucky few got 19 out of 20 points (there is always a few perfectionists in every group, isn’t there).  It certainly made for some lively coversation and the usual tales of the ‘pilots’ blaming the navigators (and vice-versa) for missed signs and wrong roads.

The Museum line-up

All in all, it was a hoot and when we all arrived at the Aviation Museum at Greenock, there were refreshments and after the score sheets were analysed.  The winners were Kit & Anthea Richer.  And very well done too.  There were consolation prizes, lots of them that added to the fun and our waistlines.  Thank you Jane and Chris!

We enjoyed sausages and salad for lunch and nobody went hungry.   Just goes to show that sometimes the simple meals are most fulfilling.

'Biggles' Bostock

‘Biggles’ Bostock

Lincoln Nitschke, the proprietor of the Museum, then gave us an interesting insight into his passion and some of the history behind the exhibits.

We all trooped through the Museum display and it was surprising to hear that many of our Members had an unexpected range of knowledge about some of the Aviation exhibits.   Our own ‘Biggles’ Bostock came fully decked out in his WWII avaitors’s gear (see pic) – and he needed it travelling in his MX5 with the hood down for the journey!

John and Chris Tiller met us at the Museum as they have a farm located at Pine Point, North of Mallala and they were made most welcome.  John surprised us by revealing that one of the exhibits, a Hanson, had once been owned by his father, and that John had often played in this aircraft when it was located on the family farm.

At 2:10pm sharp, we departed en masse for the Murray Street Vineyards, located in Greenock, where we enjoyed some modest wine tasting in a most pleasant barn.

Klara and Kari warming their souls

To round off a wonderful day, most of us then proceeded to The South Australia Company Store in Angaston for afternoon tea and further gossip.

Thank you to both Chris and Jane who provided a wonderful day with their usual thoughtful planning.  It was really great to do something different.