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Report from President’s Morning Tea

Kenton Valley Cherry Farm  Cherries

Fri 13th December

Today, 22 brave souls ventured out in the somewhat “cooler” day than yesterday to meet at the Kenton Valley Cherry Farm for the President’s Christmas Morning Tea.

Once again we all enjoyed everything made with cherries, from cherry pie to scones and cherry jam.  I noticed though that many of the members had opted for a cooling milkshake/iced coffee to the hot coffee or cups of tea, although several of us had the hot drinks.

It was quite pleasant sitting on the reserved side deck, which had sails covering it and the cool air of the air-conditioner coming through the double doors as well as the cooling of the lovely large tree that overhangs the deck.  Once again it was great to catch up with our Members who are always such a great bunch of people.

Eventually, we all had to head off to either do more Christmas shopping, have lunch at a pub nearby or in our case, pick up Beamer from the groomer, but not before we all stocked up on the great quality cherries that they sell as well as the cherry pies, jars of cherry jam and some of the lovely gifts that are in the shed.  For those of us who are regulars at the Kenton Valley Cherry Farm, it is great to see that each year they are improving their facilities.  I just hope that they don’t loose the rustic feel of the place.

Thank you to our President, Des Long, and “Mrs President”, Susan Long for organising what is now becoming a regular Christmas Morning Tea.

Before I go and you never have to hear from me again this year, I would like to wish our previous President, Ed McCaul, a speedy recovery after his disasterous fall last month.  Ed is on the road to recovery, but will take some time.

The Club wishes John and Kylie Firth all the best in their new venture, moving to Hindmarsh Island.  There are worse places to move to!!!!  John is hoping that Father Christmas will bring him a boat for Christmas.  John and Kylie will remain as Members of our Club and will be organizing a Club run next year.  Best of luck to you both.

And one last word from our President, Des Long:  Merry Christmas:

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